Amelia, Queen Mother of Lyoness


Amelia is the youngest daughter of Cullain and Isoul, Lord and Lady of the Hunt, Protectors of the Veiled Forest. She grew up as elven royalty, and was expected to marry a young knight of her realm, then continue her parent’s work of guarding the location of the Veiled Forest. However, fate had other ideas. During the Hunt of the White Stag almost a hundred years ago, she met the young prince of Lyoness, Ulwen. Despite her being almost seventy years his senior, the two fell deeply in love. When her parents heard of the match, they were disappointed, but they knew their daughter was too headstrong to marry any but Ulwen. With their blessings, the two were wed, and she became Queen of Lyoness.

As with many places in Niphredil, Lyoness was a cosmopolitan kingdom. Peoples of all races shared the borders, and almost everyone fell in love with their beautiful queen. The country was prosperous and quiet, owing largely to Their Highnesses fair and just rulership. When Anthony was born, there was great rejoicing in the kingdom, as they saw him as insurance that their country would remain as it always had been – quiet, small and lovely. As Anthony grew, the people were pleased to see that he shared the good traits of both his parents. They viewed Lyoness’ future as nothing but bright.

When Ulwen passed on, Amelia was inconsolable. She had always known that she would outlive her beloved husband, but when it actually happened, she was unprepared for the grief and loneliness. She pored all her energy into running Lyoness as her husband had before, and preparing Anthony for kingship. She planned to return to the Veiled Forest when he assumed rulership, confident that he and Elena could rule justly without her. When Anthony was taken, however, things went from bad to worse. She had suspected Mark of many things before, and his suspected treason was of no surprise to her. Being thrown in the tower as a prisoner, however, was a surprise. While in captivity (for her own protection – as the kidnappers could come for her at any time), she began to set up a network of spies and sympathizers to locate Anthony. Her people started the revolt that led to her release, and she continued to look for her son. Her greatest defeat, however, was that she was unable to protect dear Elena from Mark. Despite her pleas, he engaged her son’s fiancee to his uncivilized son, Jacen. With that, she stepped up her efforts to find Anthony, before it was too late.

The Fellowship met the Queen when she engineered their escape from the same tower that had held her for so long. She had heard of the riot they had started, and thought they had the right amount of ‘spunk’ to help her find her son. They were quite taken with the pleasant little queen, and agreed to help her to the best of their abilities. With her blessings, she watched the Fellowship escape out of Lyoness, hoping beyond hope that they could succeed where others had not.

Amelia, Queen Mother of Lyoness

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