Prince King Anthony and Elena, Duchess of Firenze

Current Rulers of Lyoness


Prince Anthony is the only child of King Ulwen and Queen Amelia of Lyoness. He has the fortune (or misfortune, depending on how you look at it) of being a half-elf, and was excited about becoming ruler of his little country. He spent much of his youth going on excursions around the countryside, as both his parents thought it important for him to know the people that he would be ruling one day. He had a grand time, and the whole experience left him with a rather bad case of wanderlust. When he was close to 45, he had the fortune to meet Elena, who at that time was the daughter of a powerful nobleman, Erdric the Duke if Firenze. She was also of elven ancestry (although more distantly), and the two shared many things in common. They fell in love soon after they met, and the King decided to marry the two off later when Anthony would be inheriting the throne. They were both ecstatic, knowing full well that the chances of them marrying someone they actually liked, much less loved, had been slim.

When Anthony was pushing 65, King Ulwen took ill, and no amount of magic could save the kindly old man. Anthony and his mother were beside themselves with grief, but they planned his coronation for ten years hence, when Anthony would be of age (by elven standards) to become king. His nuptials, they decided, would also have to wait. In the meantime, Amelia ruled as Queen, and the country entered into a prosperous age. It was not to last.

A scant three months before Anthony was to be crowned, he was taken during one of the Royal Hunts by a group of highwaymen hired by his uncle, Mark, Baron of Foundenstone. Many in the kingdom assumed that he had been killed, and they begrudgingly looked for a new king. Wouldn’t you believe it, but Mark was the next in line for the throne. Anthony was taken to a variety of prisons over the next two years while Mark, now King Mark, began his gradual takeover of Lyoness. Anthony had no idea as to what was happening at home, and knew only the cruelty of his captors. Of his beloved Elena he could get no news at all, which distressed him most of all. He was almost rescued once before, by a ranger named Red Hawk, but his captors recovered him before they could make their escape. In the fray, Red Hawk’s silver wolf was slain, a deed which Anthony feels mostly responsible for.

The Precarious Fellowship had the luck, however, only a week later, to free the young prince from his incarceration. The joy of his release was short-lived, however, as the full extent of Mark’s crimes became clear. His Elena was to be married to Mark’s son in only three months, to coincide with the coronation of Mark as True King of Lyoness. Distraught, he pondered his options. Ultimately, he decided to journey to VecnaFest with the Fellowship – partly because he thought it might give him time to think and plan, and partly to recruit people to help him reclaim his crown. The Fellowship, ever helpful, has pledged their support to his cause, and together they hope to place Anthony back on his throne where he belongs.

Prince King Anthony and Elena, Duchess of Firenze

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