(now ex) King Mark of Lyoness

Underhanded acting King of Lyoness


Not the party’s favorite person, King Mark is the current ruler of Lyoness, a small country east of Silver Rose. He is the nephew of the former King, and managed to seize power by having the rightful heir to the throne, Anthony, removed from power. He felt that his uncle, King Ulwen, dealt the entire country a terrible blow when he married Amelia, a gray elf. He was convinced that introducing elven blood into an otherwise “human” country would subject his subjects to unspeakable horrors (not to mention that any chance of his becoming King would be swept away). So, he had Anthony kidnapped, the Queen Mother imprisoned, and began to levy enormous taxes on all the non-human inhabitants of Lyoness in an effort to force them to leave.

He tried his very best to rule his new-found kingdom with all the grace that he could muster, but Mark is a greedy and grasping man. After he raised taxes to astronomical levels, the people called for Queen Amelia to lead them again. Upset, he released her from the Tower where she was incarcerated, but did little to restore her to power. With a small amount of order restored to his kingdom, he went about the business of securing the throne more conclusively. He levied a road tax on all travellers on the roads, causing both the Fellowship and merchants quite a bit of monetary problems. He forced the army to collect taxes from everyone he could find for every conceivable reason. Then, after counting his ill-gotten gains, he set about ensuring that the throne would pass to his selfish son Jacen. In a fit of spite unrivaled by any in mortal memory, he forced a neighboring duchy to marry off their eldest daughter, Elena, not to Anthony as originally proposed, but to Jacen. Then, he betrothed his spoiled daughter Milli to the Prince of Toussar (a neighboring country). To add insult to injury, he scheduled Anthony’s execution the day his betrothed was to marry Jacen. There are many in Lyoness that would love to see this petty man dethroned, or worse.

The Precarious Fellowship met King Mark after they were taken into custody for rabble rousing. They had decided that the taxes on the roads were too much for their meager income, and wrote a catchy little ditty about it. Unfortunately, the song was a little too inflammatory, and sparked a bit of a riot. The Fellowship managed to slip away, but didn’t make it very far before they were captured and brought before the King. They did their very best to talk their way out of it, but were imprisoned for treason anyway. The Queen Mother, Amelia, broke them out of prison before they were hanged, and they left Lyoness with the promise to find Anthony and do whatever it took to remove King Mark from Lyoness at any cost.

(now ex) King Mark of Lyoness

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